By enacting fidelity to the event within these four domains one performs a 'generic procedure', which in its undecideability is necessarily experimental, and one potentially recasts the situation in which being takes place.In line with his concept of the event, Badiou maintains, politics is not about politicians, but activism based on the present situation and the 'evental' (his translators' neologism) rupture. 20 The figure of the intellectual who again pushes for change and intervenes not only in the public debate but also in the struggle could … He is also associated with a number of other institutions, such as the In the last decade, an increasing number of Badiou's works have been translated into English, such as "Ethics", "Deleuze", "Manifesto for Philosophy", "Metapolitics", and "Being and Event".

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. FIGAROVOX/EXTRAITS - Éric Zemmour présente cette semaine un texte du philosophe Alain Badiou sur le bonheur : sec, bref, brillant, abscons et lumineux, passionnant et inquiétant.D'abord relire.

This is because Alain Badiou’s entire oeuvre can be said to lead to the conclusion that philosophy cannot, or should not, provide political activists and militants with an answer to that classical question: What is to be done? translated by Jorge Jauregui.

Un stylo à la main, l'esprit en éveil, en sur-régime même, pour élaguer le jargon, éclaircir les obscurités, saisir les raccourcis et les fulgurances, reconstituer les brillantes synthèses historiques, s'approprier les concepts oubliés ou ignorés, aller au bout des phrases alambiquées qui donnent l'impression d'être traduites mot à mot de l'allemand. Mais restons aux aguets. Alain Badiou (born January 17, 1937 in Rabat, Morocco) is a prominent French Marxist philosopher, formerly chair of philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure (ENS). This situation of being and the rupture which characterizes the event are thought in terms of Badiou's use of set theory in this manner is not just illustrative or The principle of the event is where Badiou diverges from the majority of late twentieth century philosophy and social thought, and in particular the likes of Badiou again turns here to mathematics and set theory — Badiou's language of ontology — to study the possibility of an indiscernible element existing extrinsically to the situation of ontology. Actually the word "democracy" is inferred from what I term "authoritarian opinion." FIGAROVOX/EXTRAITS - Éric Zemmour présente cette semaine un texte du philosophe Alain Badiou sur le bonheur : sec, bref, brillant, abscons et lumineux, passionnant et inquiétant. In the Chinese tyrant’s violent discourses during the murderous Cultural Revolution, Badiou finds the voice of philosophy at the service of the world-transforming Event. It is somehow prohibited not to be a … So too does love have this characteristic of becoming "anew". *De la dialectique négative dans sa connexion à un certain bilan de Wagner ( [* Charles Ramond (éd), "Penser le multiple", Paris, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. The Maoist philosopher Alain Badiou once told me that, ... For Zemmour, author of The French Suicide, the problem is France has become too feminised, hedonistic and individualistic. Et tant pis s'il devient ainsi la proie idéale d'un consumérisme de marché que Badiou prétend combattre!

C'est toujours la même tyrannie de l'émancipation que nos élites imposent par le fer et par le sang souvent, et par le mépris toujours, à des peuples qui n'en peuvent mais. It is to name the indiscernible, the generic set, and thus name the event that re-casts ontology in a new light. Badiou consistently maintains throughout his work that philosophy must avoid the temptation to attach its own truth to that of any of the discourses, a process he terms a philosophical "disaster". Thus, while a truth procedure is required to access the real, the real also serves as an external limit on the possibility of its production of truth.In "the Handbook of Inaesthetics" Badiou coins the phrase 'inaesthetic' to refer to a concept of artistic creation that denies "the reflection/object relation". L'auteur nous a prévenus: «La vocation de la philosophie, pour autant qu'elle en est capable, est d'établir un temps qui se donne le temps, c'est-à-dire une pensée qui se donne le temps de la lenteur de l'investigation et de l'architectonique.» Hâtons-nous lentement.

Nonetheless, Badiou has never renounced Althusser or Lacan, and sympathetic references to Marxism and psychoanalysis are not uncommon in his more recent works.He took up his current position at the ENS in 1999. Even in science the guesswork that marks the event is prominent. Égalité réelle des femmes et des hommes, reprennent en chœur aujourd'hui nos progressistes féministes. Short pieces by Badiou have likewise appeared in American and English periodicals, such as "Lately Badiou got into a fierce controversy within the confines of Parisian intellectual life. What the word is assumed to embrace is the downfall of Eastern Socialists States, the supposed well being of our countries as well as Western humanitarian crusades. Bon courage.Le peuple serait donc par nature raciste et antiféministe ? In fact, Alain Badiou, who is generally among the first to express himself on whatever social movement, chose to remain silent for several months, only to see one of his articles rejected by Le Monde, in which he qualifies the movement as reactionary and politically ineffective. With the critical insight and polemical bravura for which he is renowned, Badiou … Today, Alain Badiou is their self-parodic heir.

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