In 1953, Oliver decided that the car should have the "C" specification refitted. “The riveted aluminium seam running over the roof is still a signature design feature to this day. 57473 was bought by an anonymous collector, who decided that the vehicle should be thoroughly restored by American specialist Paul Russell and brought back to Chatard's specification. The "S" stood for "Surbaissé" ("Lowered") and the "C" for "Compresseur" (a supercharger introduced by Bugatti as a result of customers' desire for increased power). In the hands of that owner, No. The Type 57 chassis and engine was revived in 1951 as the It rode on a 3,302 mm (130 in) wheelbase and had a 1,349 mm (53 in) wide track.

They are regarded as the most valuable cars in the world.

He kept the car for nearly 30 years, sometimes loaning his Atlantic to Bugatti specialist Barrie Price.The Atalante was a two-door coupé body style similar to and built after the Atlantic, both built on the 57S chassis, but with a single-piece windscreen and no fin. The range included various engine options and bodies such as Galibier (four-door saloon), Stelvio (convertible), Ventoux (two-door saloon) and Atalante (coupé).

The four cars have many other different details – each model is unique.

A few months later, while driving along the Eventually, Mr. Holzschuch and his wife were killed by the end of World War II, and the car was purchased alongside their On 22 August 1955, Chatard and Janine Vacheron, a female companion, were driving the car near In November 2006, No. “The Type 57 SC Atlantic is a design manifesto of Jean Bugatti. The Type 57S/SC variants are some of the most iconic Bugatti cars. The breathtaking proportions of this masterpiece were simply unparalleled at the time and are still thrilling to the present day with their fascinating elegance,” says Achim Anscheidt, Director of Design at Bugatti. Painted a rich sapphire blue, No. For the “production” Atlantic, Bugatti used aluminium but retained the rivets on the dorsal seam. Two of them have been honored with "Best of Show" awards at the Code-named the "Elektron Coupé" or "Competition Coupé" at launch, this Bugatti prototype had a very short existence. Thus, at the 2019 Succeeding No. Subsequently, No.

Bugatti used “La Voiture Noire” (the black car) with a front bumper and lower doors as a model for photos in brochures and a demonstration car for international motor shows such as those in Lyon and Nice. The “Rothschild Atlantic”, Chassis number 57374, 1936 Elegant, sporty, luxurious and rare.

By Jonathon Klein April 29, 2019 It is not quite clear whether Jean Bugatti sold the car to a racing driver among his friends or whether it was moved to a safer region of France when the German army invaded Alsace, which is more probable. A luxury super sports car. 57453 was completed on 3 October 1936. Instead of several different models, he developed one base model from which he derived several different variants. Find Bugatti's Lost $100 Million Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupe in the Ultimate Treasure Hunt But only if it hasn’t turned to dust like Spider-Man after Thanos’ snap. 630 examples were produced. Hydraulic brakes replaced the cable-operated units in 1938, a modification Ettore Bugatti hotly contested. 57375 and engine No. Road-going versions weighed about 950 kg (2,090 lb). Called the … Bugatti has paid homage to the legendary Type 57SC Atlantic with a one-off hypercar unveiled on Tuesday at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. The pioneering aviator was the first to cross the South Atlantic by air. “Bugatti has been groundbreaking and progressive for many years, with four following performance.
That has not changed up to the present day,” says Stephan Winkelmann.Jean Bugatti had the second Atlantic made for himself.

La Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic est nommée ainsi en l’honneur d’un ami de Jean Bugatti, Jean Mermoz. 57374 remained in his family's possession until 2010, when it was sold for no less than $30 million to collector On 10 March 1936, Greek racing driver Nico E. Embiricos ordered a Bugatti Type 57S Coupé Aero bearing chassis No. 57374 received the US regulations changes and was painted a dark red. To … He did not return from a South Atlantic crossing in 1936.The doors continue into the roof to make it easier for passengers to enter and leave the low-slung coupé. Before his death, he sold it to Peter Williamson died a year later and No.

The name "Atalante" was derived from a heroine of Greek mythology, One Atalante, chassis number 57784, a 3-seater vehicle version with aluminium bodywork made by Type 57S/SC "Aérolithe" concept and Atlantic production carsType 57S/SC "Aérolithe" concept and Atlantic production carsJarraud, Robert: Bugatti Doubles Arbres, Editions de l'Automobiliste, 1977, page 44 Today, No. Although it is lightweight and strong, it is difficult to work and cannot be welded, which is why Bugatti riveted the body parts together, creating the famous dorsal seam. Only he or a few selected friends, mainly Bugatti racing drivers, had the honour of sitting behind the large steering wheel of the coupé with chassis number 57 453. In contrast to the other models, there is no trace of this car after 1938. As a result, No.
In international beauty contests for historic automobiles such as the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California, these models have won a number of prizes over the past few years. In 2010, the finished car was exhibited at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance event, where it didn't win any prize, being considered a replica. Ultime création d'élite, de record de vitesse, de grand luxe, de prix, et d'excellence mécanique de Jean Bugatti (fils héritier d'Ettore Bugatti) elle est présentée au mondial de l'automobile de Paris 1933, commercialisée à 685 exemplaires en de nombreuses variantes de c… But there is one model for which they are especially appropriate: the Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupé is not just one of the Bugatti legends but perhaps the greatest.

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