Soul Master is a Boss in Hollow Knight.

Soul Master will likely begin Phase Two by initiating a flurry of ground slam attacks, back to back. Soul Master 385 total: 275 (Phase 1) 110 (Phase 2) Soul Tyrant 1250 total: 900 (Phase 1) 350 (Phase 2) Massive Moss Charger 100 The Radiance Stages 1/2/3/4 respectively: 350/400/250/700 Total: 1700 Uumuu 300 The Hollow You will need to perform multiple attacks such as using The Nail and Nail Arts along with the Spells and Abilities in order to defeat them. Repeat the process to bring a final end to Soul Master and, this time, truly claim the Desolate Dive Spell. Stay alive and Soul Master will stop dive-bombing and stop on one side of the screen and begin summoning homing orbs. He leaves many open opportunities to heal, notably when he "deflates" after taking enough damage. The easiest way to damage him is to keep attacking him from below when he is conjuring the homing orbs. He was once the leader of the Soul Sanctum, who tried to use the power of the soul to immortalize himself to live through the Infection, but was ultimately driven mad from misusing the substance.

Soul Master will also hover at various points on the screen and cast small homing orbs. Soul Master is located in the upper part of Soul Sanctum. Now the King and his Kingdom are dead... but I... will live forever. Due to the openness of the arena and his relatively large size, After receiving enough damage, the Soul Master will appear to have died; with a long drawn out death sequence ending with him leaving behind his signature spell.

This attack is fast and generates two shockwaves, which quickly travel out along the ground in both directions.

Hollow Knight > General Discussions > Topic Details n0za May 18, 2017 @ 9:13pm Stuck after Soul Master? Staying in the centre after he finishes his Clock attack also is a good opportunity to heal multiple times. why?! Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large amount of health, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. If you have extra Soul and do not need healing, cast Vengeful Spirit as you hop over the orb to inflict additional damage. Soul Master also has a ground slam attack. When he summons the four orbs that orbit around him (Clock attack), approach him when he is about halfway across the arena, jump over the bottom orb when it's closest to the ground. Hollow Knights Walkthrough: SOUL MASTER Soul Master is a two-phase boss encounter, and is the first encounter the Knight will have with a “Spell Caster” boss. The Master hoarded Soul and consumed it, eventually gaining new Soul powers.Soul Master will teleport at least one time in between each of his attacks: His jealousy... his madness... by standing against me he robbed me of my immortality! Soul Master is a major antagonist and boss in Hollow Knight. Learn to avoid the projectiles and attacks, as this phase will give the player much less time to stop and heal.
Hollow Knight > General Discussions > Topic Details Skin Human Feb 28, 2017 @ 4:48pm How to beat the Soul Master PLEASE HELP!!! In this phase, the Soul Master only has three attacks, which he will alternate using: His Soul Orb can be dodged by jumping or dashing either left or right if the Soul Master is far, but it won't hit the Knight if they stand directly next to him. The Soul Master is the leader of the Soul Sanctum of Hallownest, which searched ways to expand the mind of bugs and attain pure focus. „ ~ Soul Master. To counter this attack, simply hop over the orb as it approaches and close the gap, attacking as many times as you can before Soul Master teleports away to begin another attack.

When the Infection started, he came to the conclusion that Soul, the energy animating bugs and beasts alike, was the solution to cure their mind of this plague. " The King falls, but I live forever! The boss may also teleport mid-attack to change the location of the strike, so stay on the ground and dash out of the way until the attack actually lands, then jump and dash over the shockwave. If you have time, you may also be able to sneak in an extra attack. Perhaps the infection came from somewhere deep inside of them that they could not escape. Dodge each one and keep to the middle of the screen so you’ll have room to move in either direction. I beat the boss and am in the lower level, but i can't get back to the previous maps to get back to the city of tears. Stay close and keep pace with the boss, dodging the slowly revolving orbs as it moves, and you can deliver several hits with the Nail during this time. If Soul Master appears close to you before casting, back up and wait for the orb, then hop over and attack. Hollow Knight is an action adventure game set in the vast, inter-connected underground kingdom of Hallownest. He refused to listen to the Pale King opposing his work and failed to realize that his own infected mind was influencing him.The Master hoarded Sou… Once it reaches the other side, the boss will vanish and the orbs will travel back across the screen again, so jump through the orbs as they return to avoid taking damage. But to no avail!
After taking a certain amount of damage, Soul Master will deflate and pause, gasping in midair. Use this opportunity to close the gap and land as many attacks as possible. The bugs of Hallownest tried all kinds of tricks and rituals and prayers to rid themselves of the infection. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In a modified version of this attack, the boss will summon four orange orbs which revolve around them as it crosses from one side of the arena to the other. This will happen several times throughout the fight and is an excellent time to heal as many Masks of health as you can.

He opposed everything I did... However, just before the Knight can absorb the spell, he reappears, breaks the ground and the battle enters its second phase.

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