Menu Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for E-cat. On the top is the inlet and outlet for air/water/steam to be heated.But again—even though the presentation could be considered to be sloppy, the message is clear: Orders for heat produced commercially by the E-Cat SK can now be made, with delivery within weeks.Also in Russia interesting scientific work is being done within LENR, some of which is listed The presentation yesterday might therefore have been a historical moment, and now we’re waiting for a customer to speak out in order to know for sure.

Porušenie zakladá neoprávnený zásah do autorského práva a bude stíhané. Early prototype of the E-Cat QX on which the E-Cat SK is based (photo: Mats Lewan).I watched yesterday’s presentation from Stockholm together with a group of persons being interested in the development of the E-Cat. Osobné prevzatie Košík Several of them thought, as many others who watched the presentation online, that the level of he presentation from a commercial perspective was low.And it’s true that it was not the high level well-directed slick presentation you would expect from a global launch of a potentially world changing product (although I really appreciated the ironic and humorous opening with the two puppets representing Rossi and Galilei—great style!). — Špecialisti na motory 02/330 150 40, 421 918 878 089.

Main take-away: Rossi is now taking orders in the US, Sweden, and Japan, with delivery times of weeks. Aplikácia, do ktorej sa chcete prihlásiť, už nie je dostupná. Now we're waiting… Výdajné miesta Yesterday, Jan. 31, inventor Andrea Rossi presented his heating device E-Cat SK, with a claimed output of 22 kW at high temperatures from minute amounts of harmless fuel, lasting at least one year. Je zakázané dáta alebo celú databázu bez predchádzajúceho povolenia spoločnosti TecDoc rozmnožovať, rozširovať a / alebo toto konanie umožniť tretej osobe.

4 februari 2019 - ROSSI NEEMT NU ORDERS AAN Op 31 januari (2019) presenteerde de uitvinder Andrea Rossi zijn verwarmingsapparaat de E-Cat SK, met een beweerde output van 22 kW op hoge temperaturen afkomstig van minieme hoeveelheden onschuldige brandstoffen die op zijn minst een jaar meegaan.

The E-Cat SK is a product designed to be used in industrial settings where heat is required, ranging from simple space heating to applications where high temperatures are needed, including electricity generation. Vitajte v našom novom webovom katalógu Inter Cars!

Rozvoz tovaru

Tu prezentovaná dáta, najmä celá databáza, nesmú byť kopírované. Ak si tovar objednáte dnes do 18:00, bude Vám odoslaný nasledujúci pracovný deň.

Prosím pokračujte na stránku, kde sa nachádza aktuálna verzia IC katalógu.V ostatných prípadoch kontaktujte svojho obchodného zástupcu, alebo pobočku. Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa Log in Instead, it was the typical very essential and non-polished presentation by an inventor who cares first and foremost about the technology and its characteristics (see video below, with an Andrea Rossi presenting the E-Cat SK. E-Cat SK and long-range particle interactions Andrea Rossi Abstract Some theoretical frameworks that explore the possible formation of dense exotic electron clusters in E-Cat SK are presented. = = = V Ý P R E D A J = = = Leonardo's business model is based on delivering heat as a service.

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