The demon Mongrelamus feeds on his host's anger (which is obviously suffering for the host). Like others before him, he aims to find Dofus to bring back to his master, ... Goultard manages to send Rushu back through the portal right before it shuts, thereby repelling the entire invasion as practically all Shushus were inside the demon lord's body. The bad news is that it was brought by the During the middle part of the story, the player goes through three short quests to obtain the three triangles that will make the medallion and provide Courage, Endurance and Ferocity. For the Monster of the same name see Goultard (monster). For the NPC of the same name see Goultard (NPC). Obtaining Ankama Lottery. Obtaining 5 Amber, 2 Diamond, 2 Sapphire, 1 Dragon Pig Blood, 1 Gold Notes Goultard has merged with 1 other server into Furye (server).

He therefore kidnapped and killed the family of Goultard in cold blood. Dofus Wiki in other languages: ca • cs • de • es • fi; fr • it • nl • no • pl • pt; pt-br • ru • tr; Related Wikis: Dofus Retro • Dofus Touch • Wakfu • Krosmoz List of pages that need work: Stub - The main stub page, listing all pages which have very little information. As Katar is a zombie, even separated from his body, his head still lives. Although the loss of Mongrelamus weakened Katar the latter did not give up to attack it. Before leaving, he flies Bilby to Goultard who is too hurt to stop him. Goultard is a server.

Katar is the sacrier responsible for the death of Goultard's family. By the end of an eventful patrol around the island, the player has learned that the Emerald Dofus has reportedly been brought to Incarnam.
Goultard believes that this humiliation inflicted on Katar is much worse than death and indeed, Katar will not be able to bear this period of his life as a dead man. Provocates Gouldtar and challenge to a fight and kill him (failed)Katar taunting Goultard seeing his family killed after the kidnapping.Katar releasing his sword from the marks with blood on his body.Katar sore from the brutal beating of his adversary.Mongrelamus emerging from of Katar's body upon discovering that its contestant is much stronger than its current host.Katar last moments before knowing its end at the hands of Goultard at the mercy of Mongelamus.Katar returning from death and seeking rematch against Goultard in his zombie appearance.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Even if he finds himself in a putrefying body, Katar prefers to return among the living to continue wandering in hell, death having disappointed him, he accepts this new good luck. Katar's story does not stop there. She will return with her master only from Volume 22, when Katar accidentally drops the hang glider that he was flying.

This mention of Mongrelamus as a god is strange since he is described as a demon where Goultard is concerned, and even one of Rushu's siblings. For the Monster of the same name see Goultard (monster). Goultard being on the ground, Katar could have easily finished him, however he wants to face him again, so he leaves him alive.

By spending time with Bilby when she dragged her head in the snow, he ended up attaching herself to her. As he was tracking Goultard, Bilby will land directly on his former master to the delight of both. For the Sword of the same name see Goultard.

Dofus Mag 1 . The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

The entire quest for the Dofus, as it turns out, was orchestrated by her, and Oskar and the player's character were only puppets meant to keep the Dark Vlad busy while she performed the spell using the Dofus as a catalyst.

By the time Mongrelamus leaves Katar's body, he gets caught in mid-flight by Bilby (Goultard's pet) who devours him. In the final credits for season 2, the new Iop and Rushu are shown fighting for what is assumed to be a fairly long time. Katar decides to track Goultard but when he finds him, the fight turns against him. Katar does not do this to annoy Goultard, but because he has affection for this pet.

During his fight against Katar, poor Goultard will discover the lifeless bodies of his family. Poor Katar, who was looking forward to being freed from the grip Medoroziam, did not take advantage of this freedom for a very long time, he will be finished by Goultard who will plant his head at the end of a spike. Goultard is a sword.

As for Goultard, he is freed from the Dark Vlad's control and now fully controls his three personalities. Katar has not always been at the service of evil. For the NPC of the same name see Goultard (NPC). For the Server of the same name see Goultard (server). Obtaining Edit Crafted by a Smith (Lv.

Sadness quickly gives way to a ferocious hatred that increases the violence of his blows tenfold.

Of course Bilby wanted to stay with Goultard, but she did not have a choice. Goultard is a sword. Katar has not always been at the service of evil. Pages with broken file links

Katar is easily defeated and finds himself agonizing on the ground. He was the main antagonists from Dofus OVA title, Goultard the Barbarian and in the service of Djaul who had inserted the demon Mongrelamus into his body. To succeed in transferring this demon to Goultard, Katar had to make Goultard mad with rage. The first issue of Dofus Mag, page 6, describes Mongrelamus as a "dog-headed god," who was forgotten and disappeared due to his lack of worhsippers (as gods in the Krosmoz draw power from worship). Katar's warrior and keenness captivated the soul of the Black Dragon (The One Whose Name Was) that was in Hyrkul's body.
Goultard picks it up and hangs it on his belt as a trophy to force him to follow him on their adventures. It was at this point that Katar's demon came out of his body to take possession of Goultard's. His mission was to transfer this demon to Goultard to corrupt his mind and make him his servant. While his soul was wandering in the limbo of hell, he was resurrected as a zombie by Brumaire who asked him to confront Goultard.

This order was decimated by Hyrkul during the Aurora Purple attack which explains the spirit of vengeance that animated.

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