Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. All Rights go to the Vikings Creators. Ten years later after Ragnar disappeared Hvitserk has grown up into a strong and skilled warrior as have all of Ragnar's sons. They easily defeat the forces of Northumbria and killing King Alle with a blood eagle ceremony. None of Ragnar's sons step forward to challenge their father except for Ubbe but instead they just embrace.

Ivar agrees but tricks and mocks Lagertha and her alies.
Hvitserk, Ubbe and Sigurd then discuss their mothers death but Hvitserk says they shouldn't kill Lathe because he and Ubbe fell through the ice because of her neglect. Ubbe pleads unsuccessfully to Hvitserk to side with him The leaders of the two armies met again the next day. Ivar persuades Hvitserk and Ubbe to go forth and conquer the city of York. . Er ist ein Held in der nordischen Vorzeitsagaliteratur (fornaldarsaga) und soll unter anderem Vater von Sigurd, Björn, Hálfdan, Ivar und Ubba Ragnarsson gewesen sein. Hvitserk and the great heathen army Hvitserk and Ubbe go to see Ivar but Ivar's bodyguards initially stop them but they let them pass they find Ivar getting a tattoo of a giant snake. Ivar demands a blood eagle for King Ecbert but Ubbe and his brother convince Ivar otherwise. Ivar shows his brothers that he can now stand and walk on his own feet with the help of new leg braces and a crutch. Hvitserk Ragnarsson Imagines Fanfiction. Full Fight of Ubbe vs the Dane King. Early in the episode, his character Hvitserk strips down to trudge through the snowy. Vikings is een Iers-Canadese historische dramaserie uit 2013, gebaseerd op de saga's van de viking Ragnar Lodbrok.De reeks werd geschreven en gemaakt door Michael Hirst voor de Amerikaanse zender History.De opnames gebeurden grotendeels in Ierland. After Sigurd's death, Hvitserk, Ubbe, and Ivar rule jointly over their newly acquired land in East Anglia. He has also worked with Angelina Jolie on Universal’s Get the latest on new episodes, bonus content, exclusive articles and more. The city is deserted the Saxons celebrate but they are cut short when Vikings appear from the sewers and engage in Taking the great army, Hvitserk, Ivar and the bishop traveled to Vestfold when they arrived they were greeted by Harald. Amma who deeply cared of Hvitserk became his caretaker and somewhat one sided lover. Ivar made and alliance with Harald to attack Kattegat in exchange Ivar promised Harald that he would become his heir and they plan to attack Kattegat in two months' time. My Hvitserk Imagines from my Tumblr acount. Aslaug ist die eigentliche Hauptfigur der Ragnarssaga.Eirekr ist in der Saga der Sohn von Thora, bei Saxo der von Suanlogha. Before battle, Ivar takes Astrid and a third of their army towards shore, to protect their fleet. Ubbe is a sensitive, thoughtful and attractive young man, in many ways the closest in outlook and instinct to his father Ragnar.Jordan was a finalist for the 2015 Heath Ledger Scholarship which fosters the education and career development of emerging Australian actors within the United States. Share via Email Report Story Send. Hvitserk (Hvítserkr, "White-Shirt") was one of the sons of the legendary 9th-century Danes Ragnar Lothbrok and his wife Aslaug. Watch Queue Queue. Furious Hvitserk rejoins his brothers to defeat Ivar during the Battle of Kattegat, but he succeeeds to escape with some of his followers. Les Vikings Vikings Tv Show Ragnar Lothbrok Vikings Série Télé Lagertha Guerrier Viking Grands Guerriers Cheveux Masculins.
Send to Friend. Über den historischen Ragnar Lodbrok sind nur wenige Fakten bekannt; bereits seine Existenz ist keineswegs gesichert. Hvitserk, Bjorn, Harald, Halfdan, Floki and Rollo then sail down the Mediterranean and arrive in Spain and slaughter any resistance and steal any treasure they could get there hands on. Hvitserk was born in the four year gap between Season 2 Episode 1 and 2. Yhis was due to the loss of Thora through Ivar's hands. Il est attesté par la saga norroise des fils de Ragnar (Ragnarssona þáttr). The Franks then attack the viking camp but Ubbe and the others manage to escape but Helga is wounded. Hvitserk is often seen alongside his brother Ubbe, and likely looks up to him. They reluctantly let Rollo come due to his betrayal years earlier but not before knee hauling him for his betrayal. All Rights Reserved. In maart 2013 kende de reeks zijn première op deze zender in Canada en de Verenigde Staten.

The Great Heathen Army then faces the force of Wessex, confusing and outmenuvering the forces and causing them to retreat. You'll be cat and I'll be mouse."

Halfdan was one of the leaders of the Great Heathen Army which invaded the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of In the autumn of 865 the Great Heathen Army landed in East Anglia, where they remained over the winter and secured horses.Later in the year the Army moved south and invaded the Kingdom of The Danes returned to East Anglia in 869, this time intent on conquest. It later becomes clear that Hvitserk is very sadistic and seems to be closer to Ivar than to Ubbe, leading him to choose Ivar over him. Marco Ilsø est un acteur danois, né le 29 septembre 1994. The Saxons led by King Aethelwulfand Bishop Hvitserk and Ubbe prepare to leave for Kattegat with their few followers however, at the last minute, Hvitserk defects to join Ivar. However, he is generally considered to be identical to Following this victory the Army split in two – one half under Halfdan's rule of Dublin was not secure, and he was deposed while away in York.Halfdan and his brothers are considered historical figures, although opinion regarding his supposed father is divided. Jahrhunderts) ist ein Rory McTurk hat jedoch darauf hingewiesen, dass der Name Lodbrok sich vielleicht auf eine weibliche Person (Lodbroka) bezog und erst später irrigerweise auch auf einen historischen Ragnar (den oben erwähnten Wikingerführer) bezogen wurde.Bei Saxo Grammaticus heiratet Ragnar dreimal: zunächst Auch Ragnars Frau Suanlogha taucht nur in Saxos Version auf. #Vikings #Ubbe #Vikingfight

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