Human life and society would become impossible without retention and consumption of material and non-material things. L'action se prescrit par 5 ans à compter du jour où la possession d'état a cessé ou du décès du parent dont le lien de filiation est contesté. The proprietor is permitted to exclude all and is responsible to nobody. Pollock holds that since the retailer “defendant” has no “corpus” in the heap of notes, he has no “Salmond has taken this view, the business person has no “the court ruled wherein, The defendant was utilized by the organization, to get out a lake upon their property. He discovered certain gold rings at the base of the lake while cleaning it. The possession obtained ought to be satisfactory in certainty, inattention and in the degree to display that it is possession antagonistic to the contender., le site pour réussir ses études de droit !On peut déduire de cet article les trois éléments constitutifs de la possession d’état.Les éléments constitutifs de la possession d’état sont donc :Maintenant que nous avons bien cerné la notion de possession d’état, il importe d’en comprendre l’utilité.A ce propos, la possession d’état joue un rôle dans le cadre de l’établissement de la filiation par l’effet de la loi à l’égard du père.En effet, on sait que la présomption de paternité bénéficiera au mari si l’enfant a été conçu ou est né pendant le mariage (Point important : le mari devra également faire constater la possession d’état par acte de notoriété ou par jugement.Effectivement, pour établir la filiation, la possession d’état doit être Pour établir la filiation, la possession d’état peut également être constatée par un jugement. Be that as it may, Savigny’s hypothesis neglects to clarify those cases where Roman law had given the possessory right “the privilege to get or recuperate possession” to the people who were not the proprietors of the item or property. The quality and degree of the privilege obtained through antagonistic possession result rely on the guarantee and nature of ““. These relations and this aim are the certainties of which who are in pursuit.”Homes recommended that English law does not require the “” element, however only the aim to avoid others. | Powered by The courts in their choices on “possession” have not pursued any biased definition. The courts have taken an active stand and role in understanding the concept of legitimate possession and proprietorship. the court ruled that the heap of notes found on the floor of a shop go into the possession of the finder as opposed to the businessperson. « La possession d'état doit être continue, paisible, publique et non équivoque. Be that as it may, a few legal scholars don’t consider the component essential for possession.In simple words, the relation between a person and a thing which he possesses is called possession in fact or “de facto possession ”.” possession. Food, clothes, tools, etc. Lorsque la possession d'état est conforme au titre, seuls peuvent agir l'enfant, l'un de ses père et mère ou celui qui se prétend le parent véritable. The theory of possession has been explained and analysed by various scholars and thinkers. In contrast to England, in India, it is further worth noting that there has been no such distinction between custody and possession.

Article 333 « Lorsque la possession d'état est conforme au titre, seuls peuvent agir l'enfant, l'un de ses père et mère ou celui qui se prétend le parent véritable. We get hold over the first to claim possession. In this way, “possession” is a subject of extraordinary scholarly intrigue.

“Within the points of confinement recommended by arrangement, the proprietor is permitted to practice his normal control over the subject-matter interfered with, and is, pretty much, shielded in excluding other individuals from such interference. In theories of possession in jurisprudence, possession is a polymorphous term. It has just been expressed that the law secures possession for two clear reasons, in particular, which are as follows.By penalizing the people who interfere with the possession as an individual or by making him pay harms to the holder. They had no “animus domini” as they didn’t plan to hold the object in their very own right.

Vous êtes dans : Accueil > Recherche thématique sur la législation et la réglementation en vigueur > Descripteur : POSSESSION D'ETAT Descripteur : POSSESSION D'ETAT Etablissement de la possession d'état : They are as follows.There are certain things over which an individual can’t have physical control.The physical command over the item need not be continuous. He stated, “at whatever point an individual ‘resembles a proprietor’ in connection to a thing he has possession, possession can’t be denied to him except if by principles of law, in light of ‘useful comfort’.”“To pick up possession, at that point a man must remain in a specific physical connection to the item what’s more, to the remainder of the world, and must have a specific plan.

I can put the horse in the stable or let it eat in the field but then be in possession of him, in a much as I can take him by the harness when I wish and use him to the avoidance of others.

The physical element is known as the “corpus possession”  and the mental element is called’ as the “It is to be noted that the above two are very much essential in order to constitute the Concept of “Possession” under Roman and English lawUnder Roman law, the idea of possession was utilized in two diverse senses. He says that it was concocted to profit the proprietors by ensuring their holding of the property thus setting them in the invaluable position of respondents in any activity as to the Title. Thus, obtaining possession of the property is far easier than to define the word “possession” in its real sense.To comprehend the idea, we should initially need to comprehend the historical background of the word, i.e., the significance of the word in its root, in its history.

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