Only the top 20 riders are shown. Tour de France; Giro d'Italia; Vuelta a Espana; One day races. }�{�N^2��'}�)D���Q������o��P��u"� ��Ϗ��k^�+�i� Etappe | So. part of. Only the top 20 riders are shown. Figure 1: Most Tour de Suisse participations since 2012. 0 … The event takes place from July 18 to July 25. 4 0 obj We have now compiled some up-to-date and useful information for you in compact form, which will enable things to run smoothly at the venue. Figure 3: Most Tour de Suisse stage top 10 positions since 2012. Only the top 20 riders are shown. <>>> 16.6.: Straßenrennen: ca. The further below zero it gets the larger the gap with the runnerup in the general classification.The figure is interactive so by hovering over the dots you can see the exact details and the full GC top 3. 15.6.: Einzelzeitfahren: 9 km / 50 hm 2.

Figure 2: Most Tour de Suisse stage wins since 2012. Start/ZIel: Langnau im Emmental 1. %PDF-1.5 2 0 obj The 2019 Tour de Suisse predictions will be published once the startlist is (almost) final.

endobj Figure 8: The cumulative number of abandoned riders over the Tour de Suisse stages since 2012, excluding Team Time Trials (TTT). Only the top 20 riders are shown. Velon announced that today. BURNSVILLE, MN — Burnsville is getting ready to celebrate "Tour De Flavor," a week of highlighting local restaurants. instance of. Statements. 0 references. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> No description defined. This page is permanently under construction and will be expanded and improved with more cycling statistics and visualizations. Startgebühren: Anmeldungen bis 27. Figure 7: Most Tour de Suisse mountain points since 2012. Only the top 20 countries are shown.

Figure 5: Most Tour de Suisse stage top 10 positions since 2012 by country. Language Label Description Also known as; English: 1975 Tour de Suisse.

Figure 4: Most Tour de Suisse stage wins since 2012 by country. (�B9(){ٻ��'� Ex��.��'�w+Z>ݐ܌��'#�C��@»�G�r��SN/}�vie�������wE�4 ����嗿+��id3��Gʝ+�(�|��S�wW�T�'r[�2�s*�I&E-m��>辁2�A��bT�5&�99��r�88��tkt��ˠ+�'I�f�Lu7��^�s0Om)����J�6��8-t)t����F���F�JYX�^�]�u���n�R�K��U���V���,��64L�S��=���to@W�$������0������~���*C��lm������R�iZR�����ATЄ�g$��kjZF_N�k�? If you are interested in cycling betting don’t forget to check out our Most figures and tables below should be self explanatory. <>

endobj �B� Dear Participants in the Tour de Suisse Challenge 2016, The second Tour de Suisse Challenge is almost upon us and we are delighted that you will be taking part in this new cycling sport highlight for everyone. Etappe | Sa. 18 teams will participate in the Virtual Tour de Suisse called 'The digital Swiss 5' Wielerflits article: No less than eighteen teams have pledged their participation in the virtual edition of the Tour of Switzerland. x��[Yo�H~���ȓ��iޤ��'��"�$^�g$Q7��!%{��gm�>�V� +�DVw�U_����⧟�~���N�W�滍��v��N�Y�}w#�޾~u�K$�Xܮ_��D�"Q�A���f�w{��U(6������ɻռ��1M&�O/� \%���2���z?���t�O3���M/zGwlW��������jz��ዯ�w��!$�#-��2���r�y��=��n��4�pz�M�_/����|��=0'��z#�!���|`7 ������Q���,c1f�S�Id�$;�'�)�B=�e�%0��� endobj Figure 9: Position in GC through the stages for Tour de Suisse winners since 2012. Only the top 20 countries are shown. ��H�^J�m,�Ҭ�c�� �C�e!�5���&�eߵ{ So from each year there is one name.The height of the line shows the lead (negative values) or the lag of the GC winner from stage 1 until the end. For some we provide some additional explanation.

{���#��N.�� b�5�f}Xu����.�a[��^�(������FP��gt����=kWo>���Q���-_���_��_���|���i9����Y����,�#���������QcS���Qt�ׯ�s6y��no�d�|�gڑ(��06��S��nN�uw��B _k!��$�{��~�ag7l�Z2��Q]1ɢ�ϖx��~�M���=�:���x��ƕ�k����pV�Е�9��e0���bV�˕b�wU =��q��G��n�;�L���|1�zT��M`�M�S�$wj��Ӡӂd�@��g�l2$��Y���˼4��8yV\E����ɩ��C�^��ǎ �Y�&]������^�@�yl��;�tE*�4HS��ӥR����S�fg�%�Y�QY!��,|@��)?�M�M��!.qH��!��b��*��������4��iU>���0�PEd�wVE�,(2��yPΞ�Q�K*� �L/�L�}A����ѩ"d�~M��.���nWڣ,� G Most figures and tables below should be self explanatory. Jump to navigation Jump to search. stream Tour de Suisse. GC=general classification, PC=points classification, YC=youth classification and MC=mountain classification. If the dot is above 0 the GC winner is still behind, once the dot is below zero the GC winner is in the lead.


1975 Tour de Suisse (Q2446397) From Wikidata.

Paris-Nice; Tirreno-Adriatico; Volta a Catalunya; Tour de Romandie; Tour de Suisse; Binckbank Tour; Rankings & Statistics.

80-85 km / ca.

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