About Us

Our Advantages

With Work n Holiday Australia, New Zealand or Canada you are not just buying a package that will support you during the first week of your travels but support for a full year! We support you with everything you might need during your time abroad and we have over 17 years of experience with more than 32.000 International Travellers from 29 countries. When you arrive you get a welcome package including a SIM card, bank account, city maps and a tax file number . Next to that you get a welcome, travel and job presentation. That way you are fully prepared and you can start the fun and travel! We help you find a job quickly that way you won't waste time or spend extra money that you rather spend on what is really important, having fun! We can offer you many jobs no other backpackers know about due to our exclusive Online Job Database with 100s of jobs at any time and just available for Work n Holiday members. Already have all the money you need? Great! Our excellent travel manager will find you the best deals with exclusive membership discounts on amazing travels and tours! On top of that our young and enthusiastic crew speaks English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. That way you definitely get 100% personal and customised help!

Why Work N Holiday

  • Full year support in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese
  • Year round job assistance
  • Year round travelling support
  • Accommodation assistance
  • 24 Hour Emergency Line
  • Young and enthusiastic crew
  • Experience: we have supported over 32.0000 international travellers
  • 1 office in Australia: Sydney
  • 1 office in Canada: Vancouver
  • 1 office in New Zealand: Auckland
  • Exclusive job database with + 12.800 jobs
  • Free WIFI and free use of computers in every office
  • Monthly social events: make new friends from 29 different countries
  • Exciting add-ons such as Surf courses, Skills (become a professional Barista!), etc ..

Mission & Vission


Mission Statement

Work n Holiday’s mission is to enhance the true spirit of the working holiday program and encourage young people to take part in the program as well as to enrich the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Experience by connecting Working Holiday Visa Holders to average and enthusiastic Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and businesses which will give them an in depth experience and understanding of our way of life.


Vision Statement

Work n Holiday is committed to providing guidance and assistance to young persons who have a desire to both travel and work overseas. With the growing number of working holiday visa aspirants there is a dire need for an organisation such as Work n Holiday to provide the cultural and employment link between the donor countries and Australia/New Zealand/Canada. Work n Holiday will continue to offer world-class cultural and employment opportunities for all working holiday visa holders. Work n Holiday will foster sustained prosperity in all Australian/New Zealand/Canadian walks of life through an increased number of suitable and dedicated working holiday makers.

This will without a doubt enrich the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian tourism economy and local businesses. Work n Holiday will continue to strive to protect the integrity of this booming industry, while endeavoring to meet the social, health, and learning needs of working holiday visa holders.

Work n Holiday will foster cooperation between employment communities, education providers and the travel industry for the well-being of all working holiday visa holders.

Mon - Fri 9.30 - 17.30
Weekend Closed
Level 1 - 11 Rawson Place
Sydney NSW 2000