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Surviving a snake bite

It is true that Australia is the home of the most venomous snakes in the world. Each year, there are around 3000 bites reported, 300 – 500 hospitalisations and 2-3 deaths. The deadliest snakes in Australia include the Southern Death Adder, the Lowlands Copperhead, the Inland Fierce Taipan, the Gwardar, and the Coastal Eastern Taipan. Most people think that after they are bitten by a snake that they’ll die most instantly, but this is not the case! In this blog we will give you tips how to survive a snake bite!

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Christmas Job

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year in Sydney because everyone wants to go shopping or wants to go out for dinner. Companies are in need for more staff at this period so Christmas is a very good time if you want to have a job in the hospitality or in the retail branch. Since companies want to make sure that you are well trained before Christmas time starts, you should begin as soon as possible with looking for the right job.

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Festival of the Winds – Bondi Beach

Winter is over now and it’s time for spring to rise and shine!
Sydney weather is now ideal for having nice coastal walks and also to discover new beaches to surf at or even to do barbecues! Bondi Beach is one of Sydney’s most famous beaches. This beach is not only popular for surfing, it also offers the possibility to discover the famous “Iceberg Pool” and even swim in it! Every year, when spring comes with its sunny days, the Bondi Pavilion welcomes events and festivals that gather thousands of people on the iconic Bondi Beach!

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Skiing in Australia

Most of people know Australia for its many beautiful white sandy beaches, but it's time to leave the sand for the snow this winter. Escape a weekend or a week from the city or the farm, because there is no better place than the snowy mountains to recharge your batteries. The Kosciusko National Park is known for its ski resorts both by the quality of the slopes and by its hotels. This absolutely sublime place is one of the oldest alpine landscapes in the world. Throughout winter the mountains and the famous Blue Lake are covered with snow which gives you the opportunity to discover unique landscapes you can’t see anywhere else in ....

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What to do in Sydney during winter

You think just because it’s getting cold in Sydney there’s nothing to do rather than staying indoors with a hot cup of tea or a hot chocolate? Well, we will prove you otherwise! In and around Sydney there‘s still so much to explore even in the colder months of the year. Most people think that only because the temperatures drop, Sydney will be cold and rainy. However, this amazing city still has so many beautiful and sunny days; it just gets colder than in summer. So in the following you will find a list of stunning places to explore in and around Sydney during ....

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Vivid Sydney 2019

Since 2008, Sydney has been illuminated by the Vivid Sydney Festival which starts on the 24th of May until 15th of June. The 23-day festival is a festival of light that spreads throughout the city. But that's not all - musicians and street performers are added to form a magnificent event in the heart of the city. However, the main attractions are the play of light on the opera house and on the Harbor ...

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